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All About Crystal



Il est incolore et peut ainsi décomposer la lumière dans toutes les nuances de l'arc-en-ciel, Pierre universelle de guérison et de développement personnel. Associé aux autres minéraux, il amplifie leurs propriétés thérapeutiques. Stimule les circulations diverses de l'organisme

canal d'énergie, considérée comme l'une des pierres les plus sacrées.
A la fois récepteur, émetteur, transformateur et amplificateur énergétique, il lève tous les blocages;
Intensifie le rayonnement de l'aura.

A utiliser pour:
Purification, clarification, orientation, concentration,
éloigne les ténèbres,
aide à retrouver les objets perdus.

Enhances intuition

Stone clairvoyance; intermediary between the visible and invisible, symbol of wisdom and mysterious powers bestowed upon men. All stones are transparent protective talismans of vision in many cultures.
In Scotland, the crystal balls are called Pierre de la Victoire.

Crystal Birds are the messengers of the Otherworld. Crystal Dolphins are symbols of regeneration.

Crystal is the money and the moon.


Click to zoom the imageCLEANING and MAINTENANCE OF STONE

All stones All jewelry and keep the psychic waves of energy one who possess them. You should always clean jewelry jewelry purchased regardless of the particular care that I put in the condition. I would caution against wearing jewelry from a friend or other person in a kind of back and forth, from one body to another. Always purify a regular jewel that is to say at least monthly and clean before wearing Hair-Strasse your best friend or your mom.
You can, of course, use these tips to purify ALL YOUR jewels, including and especially if they contain precious or semiprecious beads.

Here are the best known methods
BY THE SALT: all stones can not tolerate salt, always check by doing a test on a tiny piece of your stone or from my advice ..
You can cover a mineral salt in a nonmetallic container for several days, rinse the stone with water source, and let it air dry, preferably in the sun which will give it a powerful radio-vitality . There is no need to use salt spent in any way whatsoever, unless your religion inclines. Use preferably sea salt over.

There are many other methods

You can immerse the stone in a salt solution of distilled water all day, always in a nonmetallic container, crystal, glass or pottery. Never a second helping of salt and fluid used for jewelry and stones above. Never use metal objects to retrieve the jewel in the water, remove them with wood or your hands.
Wipe with a cloth handkerchief or a piece of cloth paper never, never ... only chamois cotton used.

ÉWater, Light, Earth

Spring water: if you can let your stone bathing in a stream of spring water for several hours and let it dry in the open air and sunshine on leaves or wood.

Light: the stones, once purified, need light to recharge. Let the sun or under the moonlight, sometimes both. You can also stay behind the glass of a window, south side.

Earth: the long way. Tuck your stone in the ground. Avoid areas likely to contain chemical fertilizers. Leave it there for a week to be cleaned by the telluric magnetism. Rinse with distilled water or spring water. It's better if she is buried at the foot of an oak.

If the stones have been polluted by organic materials, wash them with soapy water (soap only); help you with a toothbrush if necessary.
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