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Eclats de Rubis

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The pulse timeless and eternal life

Red the color of blood and life.
SYMBOLISM: once reputed to be the emblem of happiness.
He helped to banish sadness, passivity,
Repressed lust, helping to resist the venom,
warned the plague and turned from evil thoughts.
Integration between the love and sexuality,
Represents stability, the ability to win.
The pack contains 12 crystal rhinestones Hair ® plus tool
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Cristal de Roche

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The purity and transparency of the diamond!

Hang all the lights to radiate supernatural way
SYMBOLISM: Symbol of the eternal, of either,
major symbol of perfection, I'immuable.
Indestructible luminous core at the center of each,
Perfect completion; immortality.
Symbol of incorruptibility
drives away evil spirits, rejects the bad dreams.
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Eclats de Lapis Lazuli

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It goes from blue to indigo, ultramarine deep, often spotted with white (calcite) and gold (pyrite). . It acts on the hair and nails and calm coughs and sneezes.
Helps calm and refreshing sleep, space seizures; It is particularly recommended for nervous people over which it exercises effective soothing action.
SYMBOLISM: Peter's most sacred, revered by all ancient civilizations as the "messenger" of the gods.
It would be a key to access the knowledge of the celestial kingdom.
It is the stone of good humor.

Eclats de Citrine

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Enveloping warm golden light distressing

Symbolizes the spiritual heights
SYMBOLISM: it radiates the joy and good humor,
warms the mind, invigorates the mind and body,
removes fatigue and aid concentration
excellent for exam reviews,
intense intellectual work and memory.
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Eclats de Turquoise

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Les horizons lointains bleutés de l'avenir s'offrent à vous

SYMBOLISME: C'est une pierre positive, optimisante.
Donne un sens artistique et de communication.
Elle conforte l'amitié et le sentiment d'affection réciproque.
Pierre de la jeunesse éternelle, elle apporte courage et savoir-faire intuitif.


Hair-Strass® "CRYSTALLIZEDTM - Swarovski Elements"

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